Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dengue Remedy #1 Frog and mini bitter gourd essence

Am writing this with a really fatigue mind, it started around 10th October till today......

It was pretty unusual for dear not to call and "check" on me. He was on night training two days before the 10th and I was solo-parenting. Normally, he would give me short calls to make sure everything is well at home and if I am coping fine.

On the 10th Oct, I gave him a buzz in the evening, after watching Hairy Maclary with Xav, much thanks to Jolin, who had generously shared her tickets with us. I just have an instinct that something is not right probably ? Indeed, he told me he was running a high fever.

On the very same evening, Xav too was running a low grade fever. It was very unusual that he felt sleepy during dinner. First thoughts that came to my mind " MUST BE THOSE FRENCH FRIES". The father and son whacked two packets on Wednesday.

I applied Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil on his spine and under his feet the moment we reached home at every hourly interval, diffused Thieves EO in the room. By mid night, his fever was gone and he was better the next day, however with a sore throat.

And you are not reading this wrongly, on the same day, Vera pooed more than the usual once a day. She pooed like 6-8 times and each time, her butt cheeks would be red and raw. I suspected probably it may be a minor "detox" from her body as she just chucked everything and anything into her mouth !

3 in the house down !!

11th October, dear came back and I insisted him to pay the GP a visit as he told me that despite taking painkillers, the headache and fever persisted and did not subside. Thank goodness, he went as he was diagnosed with DENGUE !! Nope, he did not get bitten from home, our place is mozzie FREE. He did not even know that he got "kissed" by that darn mozzie.

He was not warded but was told to have his blood count tested again on Monday. Till Wednesday, there was no improvement to his blood count. It dropped further to from 122 to 60 and he was referred to be warded. He checked in for a 3D 2N stay.

Other symptoms observed were :
  • Severe headache (He felt the sides of this head were being squeezed tightly)
  • Skin rashes on his arms, knee caps and tiny red spots were found on his body
  • Nausea and vomiting (He did threw up once)

  • I was searching and asking around for dengue remedies. I did Raindrop Therapy on the vitaflex on his feet. The first recipe that came to me from Jo was " Frog & mini bitter gourd essence". It has to be strictly the mini bitter gourd that can be commonly found in the Indian grocery stalls and it cannot be just the frog legs, it has to be the WHOLE frog. Thanks to Jo, she helped me purchased the frogs and cleaned it for me as I was freaking out to see the whole frog !

    The recipe:
    7 mini bitter gourds
    1 frog

    Method :
    1. Wash the mini bitter gourds.

    2. Sliced them into halves.

    3. Scoop out and removed the seeds with a  spoon.

    4. Cut diagonally into three pieces and add in together with the frog.

    5. If you do not have a pressure cooker, double boil it for 3 hours to get the essence. I used pressure cooker to cook it and went for two cycles and squeeze out every single drop of essence. I do not know how well this would help. But am ready to cook anything that can help with battling that horrible Dengue.

    I was all alone looking after all three until my body finally gave in and I, myself was unwell as well. Thank goodness for Jo, helping me with the frog and getting the papaya leaves from her friend. To my mother in law as well, I am thankful that she was here to help relieve me from the cooking duties when I was unwell.

    I be sharing the usage of papaya leaves the next post. Some of you would have seen me hollered out on my personal facebook page, asking where can I get papaya leaves.

    Do share with me too if you have other remedies for Dengue.

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    Monday, October 20, 2014

    Beauty Mums & Babies - Baby Tui Na Massage Services

    Maintaining the kids' immunity and how would you do it ? When it comes to falling sick, I have went through the hard way during the first 4 years of Xav's childhood, the amount of medicine he used to take and the repetition of falling sick again 2-3 weeks later after he recovered from the previous episode.

    Am belonging to the category who believes and prefers using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)method to allow the body to recover.  Unlike western medicine, I can feel the difference when I took the course when am unwell. The medication would make me feel so drowsy and weak but yet the effect more often than not, is only suppressing the symptoms but not treating the root cause.

    I was privileged to be invited to Beauty Mums & Babies

    A One Stop Wellness Centre for Mothers and Babies, to learn Baby Tui Na Massage Techniques. I did learnt Tui Na for babies a few years back and this is definitely a good opportunity to refresh what I have learnt.

    Ms Saknina, our trainer for the session, did an opening session on sharing the benefits of Tui Na massage on our little ones.

    Trainer : Ms Sakina

    Tui Na Therapy is a type of complementary and alternative treatment that uses pressure and expert movements applied to certain spots on the baby's body at acupressure points, using the meridian approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to impose the massage techniques. The benefits include:

    - improving the baby's internal energy, blood circulation, regulating physiological function of various organs.
    - boosting of immunity , enhances disease resistance, promotes good health, preventing and curing diseases.
    - helps with relieving discomfort from gas, colic, constipation.
    - calms the baby and also promotes neurological and physiological development.
    - enhance parent and infant bonding and helps parents to have better communication with babies through the gentle strokes and pressure. Babies will love it and yes of course they will feel loved with the warm touch.

    It is most effective for kids 6 years and below but it can be done for children up to the age of 12.

    The various organs represented on our fingers

    A basic sharing of what I have learnt from the workshop, it does help for :
    1) improving appetite and absorption of nutrients, improves the digestive system, colic and gas by
     strengthening the spleen and liver.
    2) Improving respiratory conditions such as cough and asthma by strengthening the lungs.
    3) promoting better sleep when baby is calm from their crankiness.
    4) Enhancing the mental growth and development -
    5) Strengthening the immune system and to improve common ailments like cough, fever etc.

    Baby Tui Na is suitable for children from 0 months to 12 years old. It is most effective for children 6 years old and below. Do call up Beauty Mums & Babies to find out when will be the next intake should you be interested to learn the Tui Na Techniques.
    A package of 4 sessions @ $599 (w/GST $640.93) and it's 2 hours per session. It covers the following :
    Session 1 : Common paediatric massage techniques & massage routine to improve appetite of picky eaters.
    Session 2 : Massage routine for fretful babies and improving sleep quality.
    Session 3 : Massage routine for brain development.
    Session 4 : Massage routine for improving asthma and common cold.
    Beauty Mums & Babies is located :
    290 Orchard Road, Paragon (Tower 2)
    #14-11/12 Singapore 238859

    Contact Number: 6235 0688 / 6235 5990
    E-mail: contact@bodyworkclinic.com.sg
    Website: http://beautymumsbabies.com/index.html
    If you happened to be there for classes or retail therapy, do visit BB Spa, located on Level 5 of Paragon, just right before Sushi Tei. I was pretty attracted to the warm and cosy setting as seen from the exterior.

    Retailing a range of baby products to pamper your precious little one.

    Cushioned changing station for after swim massage

    The interior was fitted with warm lightings, five spacious tubs, fitted with colour changing lightings to keep your little one attracted and I so love the lightings with the opened ended bird cages fitted over. Overall of BB Spa was prettily furnished ! I love it !

    If you do not know that BB Spa is actually the first baby spa in Singapore, using Japanese Spring Water (Hydrogenated water). They have a water filtration system to remove impurities and chlorine, including their basins. Hence, even babies with sensitive skin will benefit from it. Vera has history of eczema but I am definitely feeling safe and assured that the Japanese Spring Water is beneficial to her sensitive skin.

    The benefits of Japanese Spring Water include:
    - it has 26 different beneficial minerals that nourish the skin.
    - it is chlorine FREE and chemical FREE.
    - it balances the PH of the skin and hydrates the skin.
    - it helps to reduce sensitivity of the skin.
    - it has anti-oxidization properties.

    Prepping missy to go into the tub
    I tried to get Vera into the tub but unfortunately, she remembered how Xav poured water over her head without her knowing and yes she dislike that ! She chose not to go into the tub and was wailing from the moment I put her into the warm tub of water - all thanks to Xav =(
    Cranky baby
    She preferred to have a bottle of milk than any others. I shall try her out again when she has clean forgotten what Xav did .

    Personally I feel that you can even purchase the sessions to be given as welcome gift to your relatives or friends' newborns or older babies up to the age of 2 years old. Pamper them with luxurious BB Spa sessions or other services such as baby massage, acupressure massage, manicure, pedicure and haircut ! Walk out of BB Spa in style !

    BB Spa is located at :
    290 Orchard Road, Paragon
    Tel : 6235 1800 / 6235 5818
    Operating hours: From 10am to 8pm
    Website : http://bbspaforbabies.com/

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    Disclaimer : I was given a complimentary package to learn Tui Na massage and a complimentary tub session for Vera from Beauty Mums & Babies . No monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.

    Monday, October 13, 2014

    Hello Taiwan 2014 ! Day 3 Cingjing 清境 >>> Taichung 台中

    Dawn broke early and you could hear the chirping of the birds. I couldn't resist, tiptoed across the room and went out to the balcony to take a have a good view of the lofty mountains right in front of me.

    The early birds went out for a walk around the vicinity whilst waiting for the café to be open for breakfast. (Xav and me) took turns to capture some random pictures.

    The air was totally cool and fresh !

    awwww... caught her in the act ! How sweet !
    In a duper carefree mood !
    The café

    Simple yet tasty with free flow of milk tea to go along =)


    Our plan for Day 3 was to proceed to Taichung (western part of Taiwan) where Fengjia Night Market  <<逢甲夜市>>  is located, scout around for some food and shopping, then proceed back to Inhouse Hotel where we stayed on Day 1.

    As we went along after checking out, we visited Carton King Creativity Park then Little Swiss Garden . They are just located side by side, hence you can decide which one to go first.

    Everything is made of carton ! Even for the musical boxes ! A pretty small segment which can be covered in less than 15 - 30 mins.

    Entering into the world of carton

    Now you know why did I mentioned in my earlier post that notebook is a must bring ? He was  happily stamping away with the stamps provided.

    His growing collection !

    As for Little Swiss Cottage, a few areas were under maintenance. Hence, we got our tickets at a discounted price due to this. Personally, I find it nothing much to do here apart from just taking pictures.


    Do take a walk deeper in, this forested area was like as if it's air conditioned, a totally cooling feel as compared to the rest of the park.


    Lunch was at Ah Man Yi after we went downhill. It's like a typical Tzhi Char Restaurant.


    Just next to it was a Tea mansion.

    We did some tea leaves shopping here before proceeding on to Sun Moon Lake << 日月潭 >>

    It's a national scenic area located at Nantou County of Taiwan & the largest lake in Taiwan. It was pretty flooded with tourists just to take pictures with this stone.

    The sky did not look too promising, we quickly take a few shots and hurried back to the vehicle.


    A better view from facing the entrance of Wenwu Temple << 文武廟 >> , which is located on the north of Sun Moon Lake.

    Onward next, we went to Xitou Monster Village << 溪头妖怪村 >> This place sells really weird size, interesting souvenirs and food ! I came across a blog post on this attraction. I did not take much pictures here as I was kind of feeling tired and factoring in that crowd was everywhere.


    Closed for maintenance =(

    We ended the day with our last stop at Taichung, Fengjia Night Market << 逢甲夜市 >>. I love this concept whereby you can rent these bicycles to ride around.


    Trying his luck to catch Xav's favourite


    Stuffed chicken wings

    The chicken roll yumms too ! But sorry no pictures as we packed all the food back to Inhouse Hotel. We were checking in to the same hotel again =)

    That's about it for Day 3 ! Day 4, we were on our own. Guess where will we be going ?

    Below is my itinerary for Hello, Taiwan 2014  as I went along :
    Day 1 - Inhouse Hotel << 薆悅酒店 >> & Shilin Night Market << 士林夜市 >>
    Day 2 [Part 1] -  Cingjing, Lu Ma Ma 清境 << 魯媽媽 >>
    Day 2 [Part 2] -  Cingjing , The Evergreen Grassland 清境 清境农场 & Starry House 觀星園景觀山莊

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