Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Crafting for Charity

If you have seen me posting on my Instagram and Facebook on #craftingforcharity. Yes this is it ! How nice ! I get to de-stress, craft and do charity !

We are crafting for a good cause to raise funds for MINDS by selling these handmade 6" by 6" cards. I have made these batch for the coming Mother's Day.

This is my first time producing "Flowery" theme cards, it's just not so like me. Anyway, I have made used of the materials RAK by a scrapper previously and some stacks of pretty papers which a crafter passed me whenever she has excess. I'm putting them into good use here ! Thanks Renee !

These cards are going for $2.50 each (Not inclusive of postage). I doubt you would be able to find similar cards at this  price in the retail mall if you ask me.

Should you need to customise a birthday card or thank you card. You can drop me an email at: for orders.

There are some other mums participating in this charity drive. So support us for this good cause ! Buy a card and do charity at the same time !

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Thankful for having the ladies with me !

What I am thankful for after embarking on the journey of motherhood, is none other than having to get to know these wonderful ladies. Specially to Delia and Esther,

Thank you for being someone whom I can confide in when I need someone to listen to (Or rather when I need someone to read what I have typed in our watsapp group chat).

Thank you for being the one whom I can trust to keep my secrets with.

Thank you for being sincere, truthful and encouraging always during this past 6 years and am sure many more years to come ! Parenting journey is never easy, thank you both for sharing your experiences and reads from books which I will never have the time to sit down and read.

Thank you for being non calculative towards each other (Among the three of us at least).

Thank you for being non competitive (among our kids) and always spurring each other on, spreading good vibes and encouragement on positive parenting.

Thank you for being accommodative each time ! We stayed pretty far from each other but we always make it a point to accommodate the best time and place to meet each other up once in a blue moon.

Thank you for being there although we know that we are all always busy with the kids, but we will reply to each other's messages whenever we are free to the extend in the wee hours when we wake for milking and pee. =p

Thank you for the thoughtfulness always and I thank you both for being there most of the time.

Apart from these two wonderful ladies, I have made quite a number of mummy friends on Facebook. I am thankful to a few other mummies as well.  In fact, one of them, I have not met her before for the past 6 years, until this march. But she is one who makes an effort to keep this simple friendship going. We would chat on Facebook messenger, asking each other how we are doing. Thank you Anna.

To Adeline Yit-Ng & Jasmine, another two mummies whom I got to know in the forum as well, we hardly meet up but these two very nice mummies will drop me messages when they happened to read some on-goings happening to me or the kids. We did try to meet up recently but unable to get hold of everyone under unforeseen circumstances. Till the next time !

To Pearl, hardly we have time to chat. But thank you for your kind thoughts at all times. Busy as a bee most of the time but am deeply inspired by you to start keeping fit!

To my BBB (Buy.Buy.Buy) Network mummies group, the group name reflects it all. Our sharing of home learning, bento making, scrapbooking, shopping and online sprees. Thank you for sharing generously on where we could get the best deals anywhere ! We rant to each other as well ! Thanks for all your eyes to read all the messages. Thank you Irene, Amy and Lynn !

To my crafty friend, Renee. Thank you for jio-ing me for those wonderful classes when you can. Always there to divert off my attention when am a single mum. Though more often than not, I can't join you, but it was sure enjoyable  to craft with you !

To another group of April mums ! Thank you for juicy gossips, shopping deals and of course not forgetting, ever ready to always help each other out. A group where I can talk about anything under the sun !  Thank you Erna, LM, Sharon, Joe & Yanti.

To Doris, you may not be from the April Mums group but thanks for the support you have rendered me at times. I can't feel thankful enough !

Our kids definitely have fun growing up with each other through these years and cheers to our friendship  ! Am thankful to have all of you with me  !

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Take 2 Cafe

Previously, if you asked me about Mee Hoon Kway, I will tell you I will go for "Chiew Lian" Mee Hoon Kway. But after my sis recommended me to try the hand made Mee Hoon Kway from Take 2 Cafe,


I will say that you should try it if you have yet to try !

Right at the other end of the café, it's a hair saloon, separated by glass partition.

A cosy corner right at the end of the cafe

Dry Mee Hoon Kway ( Handmade Noodle) / Nasi Lemak / Yam Cake are their signatures. I have yet to try but my preference is still a bowl of piping hot Bee Hoon Kway. The texture of the kway was not too thick and it was springy , soup base was tasty yet not gluey.

Take 2 Café is located at :
Goldhill Shopping Centre
159 Thomson Rd
Tel : 6258 5380

Operating hours :
Daily from 7am- 7pm

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Label of Love Studio Advertorial Shoot

Firstly, I would like to shout out a BIG Thank you to all who have casted a vote for Xav. I sent in his photograph for Label of Love Studio casting call, under the Kids' category.

He was shortlisted among the 300 entries, got in as a finalist and emerged to be one of the top three, who will get to appear in the advertorial for Label of Love Studio.

The  photoshoot session for the advertorial was done by Ashley Low Photography at Singapore Botanical Gardens. The kids had a great time and I have to hand it to Ashley being so patient towards the kids. Why would I say that ? It was because I do encounter photographers who simply just give a "Black Face" and could not even make the child smile or laugh worse, no patience and just simply give a face as well to the parents. (No names mentioned but if you want to know, you can drop me an email or pm)

But I do encounter photographers like Ryan from Orange Studios. He is pretty patient and friendly to the kids when we went for Vera's Newborn shoot as well as our family photoshoot.

Some random snaps from my mobile while Ashley was doing the shoot.

My lil' footballer (Thanks Aqil for loaning them)

My pom pom boy

The kids were great and enjoyed themselves during the shoot. Thank you Audrey and Ashley ! Looking forward for the pictures !

Ashley & the little models

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cool De Sac

This is so far the coolest playground in town I have ever been ! Cool De Sac located at Suntec City Mall, #02-379  (Beside The Cocoa Tree). My first visit was the invitation to get together with some friends to celebrate Aidan's Terrific 3.

This indoor entertainment centre is built not only for the children, trust me that the older siblings or even the daddy would love it ! While registering to enter, children can browse through some craft boxes available for sale on the shelves while waiting.

Cubby holes for shoes & lockers
A simple changing station for babies with a sink

It be great if they have nursing rooms with water dispenser provided as well !

This slide may not be as long as the one at Amazonia, but you be surprised with it's super slippery  surface and how fast you can go.

Happy Xav going "high" from the slides !

Further in, you will see Treetops on your left but when we went, it was closed for maintenance.

On the right, you'll see an Art & Craft area. Materials are provided for the kids and a staff will be there to assist them in any ways they needed help.


Beside the Art section, comes the boys' favourite ! Blocks and Bricks !

You get to draw with chalks on the other side while adding on the features with bricks on the other.

I love the Backstage ! The children can help themselves with the costumes available and get the talented staff to do face painting for them.

Diva wanna-be ? Try this !
Props and costumes for dressing up
My 7 month old honey bunny got dressed up too
Transform into the hippest baby in town !  

I was seated at the restaurant all the way from 10.30 am - 2.30 pm with Vera and the ladies. Totally at ease, I do not even need to look out for Xav because each station has a staff to oversee the children, ensuring no fights or rowdy play.


Food from the restaurant menu

The Birthday Boy's cake !

Happy Birthday, Aidan !
This is where the older siblings or daddies would love and wouldn't feel bored while waiting for the younger ones.
Totally jumped into the screen ! I guessed this is seriously addictive.
Play area for the young  toddlers
The boys had fun !
Thanks Aidan and mummy for the invitation. We will be back again for sure. This is their admission charges, I find it pretty a good deal, $20 for unlimited play ( For 3 - 12 years old) ! As for charging for 1 month old , I find it a little absurd to charge a baby who does not know how to play at all. More reasonable to charge at least from minimum one yr old onwards. Don't you think so ?

Photo from Cool De Sac
If you are thinking of throwing a party for your little one, check out HERE for the package charges.

I would prefer to come in on a weekday morning as by noon, the crowd starts streaming in.

Cool De Sac opening hours are from :
Weekdays : 10am - 10pm
Weekends and PH : 8.30 am - 10 pm

Tel : 6332 1259
Email :

Nearest MRT station : Esplanade Station

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hop. Search. Unscramble Contest + Review of Lollibox - Supereheros Theme

Lollibox came in just nice for Xav who is just so into Superheros recently. When I received the email from the Lollibox Team, asking which theme would I choose for Xav. Need I say more, he chose Superheros without thinking twice.

Filled with excitement, he received this from the friendly postman who came knock, knock,knocking on our door, Lollibox !

Here's looking into what he can create, discover and enrich himself !

Contents in the Superheros theme box

He can't wait to start and insisted to start working on his mighty cape before he went to bed.

Instead of his initial "X", he chose "S" because he told me he wanted to be SUPER. I assisted him to draw a "S" and he did the rest by himself, tearing the backing of the felt and sticking it cautiously.

My Superhero's Identity Card

With a cape, an Identity Card, a cuff and a mask ! Watch me !   

He decorated the mask by himself and he told me the feathers were to send out signals !

Ready for mission !
Reading too much of Eric Carle's books. He said he wanted to be a "Mixed-up Superhero" instead of  "The mixed-up Chameleon".

So here you can a mixture of Captain America, Spiderman, Superman as well as Iron Man ! Watch his powers as he combined forces with the different heros in him !

The mixed up Superhero !

I took this opportunity to seek some help from my Super Hero (To clear the messy living room) ! We pretended to send out signals to each other ! I "transmitted" a signal to ask for his help to save the planet earth as it was "flooded" with toys all over and I would need the Super Hero to help me clear them away.

Good way to get him clear his toys ! He told me not to throw away the box as it makes a better box to house his citibloks.

Tah-dah ! Mission accomplished !

Mission accomplished !

The cape was on him most of the time, this Superhero is kind of emo too ! He missed his Supere daddy who has gone overseas for two weeks, counting down to another week to welcome daddy back. Here's my Superhero, Xav, skyping with his super daddy.

Our imagination continues to run wild, role playing certain scenarios where I would require the superhero to get into action !

Time for some fun ? LOLLIBOX PRESENTS HOP. SEARCH. UNSCRAMBLE. Unravel the secret sentence contest.

Ready to start !!!??

Head on to Lollibox to receive your first piece of the secret sentence.

HOP around the list provided to search for the other words and unscramble them !

SEARCH through these mum bloggers' (Miracule, Ai, Cherie and Lyn) LolliBox reviews and collect all 5 pieces of the secret sentence.

UNSCRAMBLE them and form the secret sentence.

Enter your entry HERE and you stand to be one of the 5 winners to walk away with a LolliBox of your choice theme!

Winners will be selected based on answer accuracy.  The unraveling ends 11 April 2014.

To note:
- This contest is open to all residents of Singapore ! Be it locals, foreigners or PR, you are all welcome to participate in Hop . Search . Unscramble .  
- Winners will be announced on Lollibox's Facebook page.
- Winners will be contacted via the contact details you have filled up in the form for the contest. Do remember not to leave out any of your details.    

Good luck and have fun !!

Disclaimer: We were given a box of  Lollibox for review purpose. No monetary compensation is involved. All opinions are of mine.
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